PRINCETON JUNCTION, New Jersey — International Process Plants (IPP) continues to demonstrate its global presence with the recent acquisition of a Henkel detergent manufacturing plant in Lomazzo, Italy. This acquisition follows closely on the heels of IPP’s purchase of a fermentation plant in Minnesota, showcasing the company’s rapid expansion and strategic investments.

The story first appeared in ROI-NJ, which called IPP a global leader in the purchase and supply of complete plant sites and process equipment.

Ron Gale, President of IPP, highlighted the collaborative effort with Maynards in acquiring the Lomazzo plant, emphasizing IPP’s commitment to fostering sustainable development and economic growth in regions affected by industrial plant closures.

The Lomazzo plant, situated on a sprawling 10.7-acre parcel between Milan and Lake Como, presents a prime opportunity for transformation into a vibrant mixed-use residential and commercial estate. Gale expressed enthusiasm for the project, noting the picturesque surroundings and promising potential of the site.

Sustainability lies at the forefront of IPP and Maynards’ joint venture, with a strong emphasis on minimizing environmental impact and maximizing asset lifecycle. Gale underscored the commitment to environmental responsibility, stating that approximately 98% of materials on-site will be repurposed.

“This project aligns perfectly with our core values of environmental responsibility and sustainable redevelopment,” Gale remarked. “By repurposing existing assets and embracing eco-friendly practices, we are creating value and contributing to a more sustainable future.”

IPP, a global leader in the purchase and supply of complete plant sites and process equipment, operates in 14 countries and boasts a 46-year track record of success. Additionally, the company recently launched Gale Process Solutions, specializing in selling new process equipment.

Maynards, renowned for its expertise in industrial services and surplus plant equipment evaluation and marketing, brings valuable experience to the partnership, further enhancing IPP’s capabilities in the global market.

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