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Search our 17 complete plant sites, 110 plants for relocation, and 15,000 process systems and major pieces of equipment. Financing Available.

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You are experts at manufacturing. We are not. Rely on our expertise of redeploying sites, systems, and equipment and avoid a 4-5 year distraction from your business.


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We have 46 years of experience as a global solutions provider. Join the list of more than 160,000 customers worldwide who lean into our expertise.

IPP is your one-stop solution for all things process plants and equipment

International Process Plants is a global leader in the purchase and supply of used, new and rebuilt process plants and equipment. We help manufacturers save time and money with immediately available assets to grow their capabilities. With our consultative approach, our team focuses on a clear understanding of your needs to deliver solutions quickly and at significantly less cost.

The IPP Difference


We buy plants. We then sell those plants, either as complete units, process systems or pieces of equipment. We also sell new equipment, including design and fabrication.


We buy plants. We then sell the equipment in those plants, either as a complete plant or as pieces of equipment. We also sell new equipment.


We are committed to providing immediate solutions to some of the most complicated decisions businesses face. We understand and deliver what’s important to our customers.


We are committed to providing immediate solutions to some of the most complicated decisions businesses face. We understand and deliver what’s important to our customers.


With experts in 14 countries, we deliver solutions across the chemical, refining, petrochemical, polymer, fertilizer, pharma and food ingredient sectors, among others.

We save our customers time and money .

  • We understand the complexities of the process manufacturing industries.

  • Our solutions are focused on cost-effectiveness, time-to-market and sustainability.

  • Over 160,000 customers around the world look to us to meet their needs.

  • If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we will find it.

  • Our nearly 150 colleagues around the world are dedicated to finding creative solutions to meet your needs.

  • We provide turn-key solutions for sellers of plants so they can focus on their business.

  • We ship our used and new equipment fast.

How does IPP deliver on price, quality and service?

We save our customers time and money, and you get it all with us: delivery time, quality and price. You never have to choose with IPP.

In their words, testimonials. We asked customers to rate us on a scale of 1-10

We have built a portfolio of more than 160,000 customers around the world who rely on International Process Plants to deliver on promises

The IPP Mission

To be the world’s most trusted name when it comes to repurposing idled manufacturing plants and equipment.

Build or Buy?

It’s a tough decision. But we can get you up and running quickly, saving you time and money. In fact, customers who buy complete plants for relocation save 70% of the new equipment and engineering cost and at least 50% of the project lead time.

Explore the 7 best things about working with International Process Plants.

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How does shipping work?2024-02-13T05:41:39+00:00

We offer several options for shipping, including internationally. Should the customer choose, they can arrange their own shipping.

What about used equipment? Where do you get it?2024-02-13T05:41:25+00:00

About 98% of our used equipment comes from plant-type liquidations in which we are required to not sell the systems or plants as a whole back into the marketplace. Our inventories come from those pieces that didn’t sell at the site but still have great value.

What are the benefits for companies buying used plants?2024-02-13T05:41:10+00:00

Buying a complete plant for relocation will save a company about 70% of the new equipment and engineering cost and 50% of the project lead time. Most of our customers would not be able to justify the cost of a new plant or an expansion. They also might not have the time to wait for construction in either scenario. Our value proposition is that we provide opportunities and solutions to our buyers.

Who buys from you?2024-02-13T05:40:54+00:00

Mostly small and midsize companies that are entrepreneurial in nature. These companies understand our value proposition.

How have you been so successful for so long?2024-02-13T05:40:40+00:00

We provide a high level of service to our customers, helping them solve their problems and attain their growth and profit goals.

How many customers do you have?2024-02-26T07:42:34+00:00

IPP has been delivering solutions to clients for more than 46 years, building a loyal base of more than 160,000 customers worldwide.

Where are your plant sites?2024-06-08T15:15:17+00:00

Our 18 plant sites are all over the world.

The IPP family of companies has a
solution that’s right for your business

International Process Plants has grown over the years into the IPP Group, a family of companies that delivers solutions for its partners.
“We are all about providing customers the options they want and need, and our close collaboration as a valued growth partner of our clients means no one understands those needs like we do.” – Ross Gale, Vice President IPP Group

The IPP Group

Our family of companies can address your needs and help your business grow

GPS is a supplier of custom fabricated process equipment and systems. Instead of building only to order, GPS builds an inventory of new commonly used reactors, heat exchangers, dryers, mixers, centrifuges, etc. with zero lead time. We deliver custom equipment in an average of 12-16 weeks.

For 30 years, UGE has supplied reglassed and new glass-lined steel equipment and parts and services to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries globally. UGE’s global footprint and significant capacity ensures quick delivery and competitive prices in the global marketplace.

Universal Turbomachinery Equipment specializes in upgrading centrifugal compressors and steam turbines to enhance performance and efficiency, offering a fast ROI.

Universal Vortex

UVI delivers energy-efficient gas processing solutions for the natural gas, CNG and LNG industries, based on its core non-freeze pressure reduction technology. The UVI Vortex Tube technology is a patented solution requiring no moving parts or external energy in pressure reduction or gas heating/cooling.

IPP is a trusted, experienced solutions provider across these industries and more

We are passionate about delivering solutions across the process industries.
We have been in these industries for nearly a half-century, accumulating a wealth
of expertise in these sectors.

Agriculture & Fertilizer Equipment
Agriculture & Fertilizers
Artificial Fibers
Artificial Fibers
Biotechnology Equipment
Custom Chemicals
Custom Chemicals
Food Processing Equipment
Food Processing
Industrial Chemical Equipment
Industrial Chemicals
Metals & Minerals
Metals & Minerals
Oil & Gas Processing Equipment
Oil & Gas Processing
Oil Refining Equipment
Oil Refining
Petrochemical Equipment
Pharmaceutical Equipment
Power Generation Equipment
Power Generation
Pulp & Paper Equipment
Pulp & Paper
Renewable Chemistries
Renewable Chemistries