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IPP has the quality equipment to get you up and running fast, and you’ll save money, too.

International Process Plants (IPP) has built a loyal client base of more than 160,000 customers who keep coming back. Why? Because IPP saves our partners time and money, and we have made quality repurposed equipment a go-to solution for companies around the world.

Customers buying used equipment from IPP know our secret: We ship and deliver our quality used equipment 90% faster and for about half of the cost as buying new.

Yes, you can buy a complete plant for relocation from IPP. We also have more than 17 complete plant sites around the world if that’s what you’re looking for. And now you can buy equipment right off the assembly line from our new company, Gale Process Solutions.

At any time we have more than 15,000 pieces of high-quality used equipment ready to be repurposed. We have been selling equipment for decades, and we go to great lengths to make sure what arrives at your site exceeds your expectations. We stake our reputation on every piece of equipment that leaves our warehouse.


International Process Plants (IPP), a family-owned business that has been a trusted partner for nearly a half-century, keeps more than 15,000 pieces of ready-to-sell process equipment in three warehouses.

We have a proven track record of delivering quality used equipment 90% faster and for about half the cost as buying new. Our warehouses are strategically located around the world.

Eastover, South Carolina: 2059 Congaree Rd., Eastover, SC, 29044

Billingham, England, UK: 14 Haverton Hill Rd., TS23 1QA, United Kingdom

Bitterfeld, Germany: Zörbiger Straße 56, Einfahrt über die Oststraße, 06749, 06749 Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany


How does shipping work?2024-02-13T05:41:39+00:00

We offer several options for shipping, including internationally. Should the customer choose, they can arrange their own shipping.

What about used equipment? Where do you get it?2024-02-13T05:41:25+00:00

About 98% of our used equipment comes from plant-type liquidations in which we are required to not sell the systems or plants as a whole back into the marketplace. Our inventories come from those pieces that didn’t sell at the site but still have great value.

What are the benefits for companies buying used plants?2024-02-13T05:41:10+00:00

Buying a complete plant for relocation will save a company about 70% of the new equipment and engineering cost and 50% of the project lead time. Most of our customers would not be able to justify the cost of a new plant or an expansion. They also might not have the time to wait for construction in either scenario. Our value proposition is that we provide opportunities and solutions to our buyers.

Who buys from you?2024-02-13T05:40:54+00:00

Mostly small and midsize companies that are entrepreneurial in nature. These companies understand our value proposition.

How have you been so successful for so long?2024-02-13T05:40:40+00:00

We provide a high level of service to our customers, helping them solve their problems and attain their growth and profit goals.

How many customers do you have?2024-02-26T07:42:34+00:00

IPP has been delivering solutions to clients for more than 46 years, building a loyal base of more than 160,000 customers worldwide.

Where are your plant sites?2024-06-08T15:15:17+00:00

Our 18 plant sites are all over the world.


We are solutions obsessed

Our team is driven by a passion to find tailored solutions to your unique challenges, whether you’re looking to buy new or used. We collaborate closely with you to understand your needs and develop customized strategies that work.

For companies considering selling a plant, we eliminate four or five years of carrying costs, decontaminating costs and demolition expenses. We’ll even assume long-term environmental obligations. Companies will see an immediate impact on their bottom line.

For companies looking to buy complete plants for relocation, for example, IPP can get you up and running in about half the project lead time while saving you 70% of the new equipment and engineering cost.

We are service driven

Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to ensure your processes run smoothly. It’s no mistake that IPP has built relationships with more than 160,000 clients around the world.

We have a proven track record

With a deep history in the industry, we bring a track record of success and helping our partners grow. Our long-standing partnerships with satisfied clients speak volumes about our expertise and commitment.

We never stop looking for the solutions you need

When our customers shared their challenges locating hard-to-find equipment – and shipping delays they were encountering elsewhere – we created Gale Process Solutions. GPS is a new subsidiary that sells new process equipment, providing a constant supply of the most popular as well as custom process equipment.

But that’s not all. Nearly three decades ago, we created Universal Glasteel Equipment. We’ll reglass your process equipment or sell you new, reglassed or good used glass-lined equipment from our own inventory.

Bottom line: We have the solutions to save you time and money!


We are truly worldwide

We own 17 complete plant sites across the globe and more than 15,000 process systems and individual pieces of equipment at warehouses in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. Today, IPP maintains offices in 14 countries.

In their words, testimonials. We asked customers to rate us on a scale of 1-10

We have built a portfolio of more than 160,000 customers around the world who rely on International Process Plants to deliver on promises

the 7 best things about working with International Process Plants

As Ron Gale, our president says, “IPP has a unique ability to take our client’s vision for the future and help them implement it using our existing portfolio of plant sites, complete process units and equipment systems. All this offers a material competitive advantage while also participating in the circular economy.” In addition to our owned assets we will use our global network to fill your needs at no charge.
IPP has been serving our clients for 46 years, expanding from the United States to Europe, India, China and beyond. Today, we have offices in the United States, Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Romania, Turkey and the United Kingdom. And even if we’re not in your country, we’re nearby.
Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, IPP is here for you. For companies looking to sell idled plants, we make a typical four- to five-year process disappear. Gone is a selling process described by clients as a Byzantine maze of details and costs they never anticipated. And buyers of plants can expect to get production up and running in half the time of building new.
Again, we’re here to help sellers and buyers alike. Sellers are able to quickly sell assets to IPP – either entire plants or individual process plant items – and get cash on hand. IPP will manage each step of the process, develop sales materials and identify potential buyers. Buyers can expect to save at least 50% on the cost of proven, reliable equipment.

In response to demand for popular but scarce used equipment, we now manufacture new process equipment. As Ross Gale, Vice President of IPP Group, said, “We’re all about providing customers options they want and need, and we understand the market wants quick delivery of quality equipment at the right price.” IPP’s new product lines includes cGMP, National Board U-stamped 316L Stainless Steel and Hastelloy reactors in 2000-, 4000- and 6000-gallon capacities, as well as glass-lined reactors in all sizes. Shipping times for those items are as little as 0-12 weeks. In addition, IPP sells fully custom-built reactors, heat exchangers, centrifuges, dryers, filters, filter-dryers, mixer/granulators and more. These pieces can be fabricated and delivered in 8-28 weeks. We also can reverse the paradigm for expedited delivery since we’ve begun contracting with major fabricators to build units for our stock. Now, if a customer needs something that is not in stock or not being manufactured, we can move our customers’ orders to the front of the manufacturing line before building up our stock, saving our customers significant time.

IPP is immensely proud of our work transforming former plant sites into community centerpieces. Where these sites once were abandoned or left to fall into disrepair, IPP removes and remarkets equipment, handles all demolition and environmental remediation and prepares the sites for new life and new job opportunities. This flips the script for communities that experienced a blow to their local economies by bringing new businesses and new energy back to the area.
IPP is a solutions business. We make it easy for our clients when we purchase closed or idle manufacturing facilities. We purchase the real estate, buildings, production systems and available intellectual assets. We then repopulate those assets into their highest and best uses as manufacturing sites using the existing infrastructure. This is a win-win-win for sellers, buyers and communities, solving problems for all three groups.

IPP By The Numbers

International Process Plants is a global buyer and seller of process plants and equipment in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, industrial chemical, fine/specialty chemical, agrichemical/fertilizer, gas/oil, plastics/polymers, steel, artificial fibers, power generation, food processing, paper, metals processing/refining and alternative fuels industries.

Complete Process Plants
Complete Process Sites
Equipment Systems

IPP has strategically placed, company-owned equipment warehouses and workshops in South Carolina USA, the United Kingdom and Germany to solve your equipment needs on time and cost-effectively.

Customers choose IPP when looking to save significant time and capital on their projects.

Customers who buy complete plants for relocation

Save 70% of the new equipment and engineering cost

Save 50% of the project lead time

Save 50% of the capital cost

Save 90% of equipment delivery lead time

IPP can help you meet your profit and growth initiatives anywhere across the globe, with parts available to ship immediately, or for pickup. Customers also are able to visit IPP’s warehouses to view used products to ensure quality and compatibility for the job in question.

Satisfied Customers
Years in Business
Hours to Find Your Solution

Our customer base extends around the globe, including all Fortune 100 members within the process industries, and tens of thousands of small and mid-size manufacturers and toll processors.

Quality, reliability, flexibility and expertise. International Process Plants is the partner your business can trust to find solutions for your industrial manufacturing business needs.

Our president explains the IPP difference

IPP is your one-stop solution for all things process plants and equipment

International Process Plants is a global leader in process plants and equipment. We help industries around the world save time and money by simplifying plant and process transitions. We’ll deliver what you need faster than the other folks and we’ll do it without an upcharge.

IPP is a trusted, experienced solutions provider across these industries and more

We are passionate about delivering solutions across the process industries.
We have been in these industries for nearly a half-century, accumulating a wealth
of expertise in these sectors.

Agriculture & Fertilizer Equipment
Agriculture & Fertilizers
Artificial Fibers
Artificial Fibers
Biotechnology Equipment
Custom Chemicals
Custom Chemicals
Food Processing Equipment
Food Processing
Industrial Chemical Equipment
Industrial Chemicals
Metals & Minerals
Metals & Minerals
Oil & Gas Processing Equipment
Oil & Gas Processing
Oil Refining Equipment
Oil Refining
Petrochemical Equipment
Pharmaceutical Equipment
Power Generation Equipment
Power Generation
Pulp & Paper Equipment
Pulp & Paper
Renewable Chemistries
Renewable Chemistries