Aerial view of Novartis Pharmaceuticals laboratory & plant atGrimsby, US.

Aerial view of Novartis Pharmaceuticals laboratory & plant at Grimsby, UK.

International Process Plants (IPP) has announced its subsidiary, Humber Industrials Ltd., has secured an agreement to purchase Novartis UK’s 170-acre active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing plant site and assets in Grimsby.

This strategic acquisition, announced Jan. 10, 2024, aligns with IPP’s commitment to enhancing pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities and addressing supply chain challenges.

“We are excited to transition this fully integrated API pharmaceutical site, with substantial reaction capacity, robust infrastructure and an attractive location,” said Ronald Gale, President of IPP. “We are confident in potential opportunities to redevelop and utilize the campus.

“The current trend towards onshoring to eliminate long supply chains and supply insecurity makes us bullish on the future of this well-positioned site. While the specific future use of the site is yet to be determined, we are confident that its capabilities and our experience will lead to successful outcomes.”

The Grimsby API plant is a world-class facility, featuring 500,000 square feet of buildings across three distinct process/manufacturing buildings, containing 90 reaction suites with a total capacity of 900m³. The site includes 17 centrifuges, 26 dryer systems, three milling systems, 10 solvent recovery systems, modern labs and offices, and a wastewater treatment facility. Additionally, it has comprehensive connections for steam, electricity, water, industrial gases and natural gas.

Tony Field, Managing Director of IPP Europe, highlighted IPP’s extensive experience in similar projects, noting, “IPP was identified as the best option for the redevelopment of the site due to our track record. The IPP Group has over 40 years of experience redeveloping industrial sites across North America and Europe. Each of these redevelopments now represents major time and cost savings for their new operators, while providing employment and economic value to local communities.”

About International Process Plants: IPP has been a leading global facilitator of manufacturing growth and redevelopment opportunities in the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, fine chemical, industrial chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, power generation and polymer industries. The company enjoys a 46-year track record and more than 160,000 customer relationships.

IPP enables sustainable industrial growth by deploying pre-existing complete plants, process systems and process equipment at a fraction of the cost and delivery time of brand-new assets. IPP’s holdings include 17 complete plant sites, 110 plants for relocation and 15,000 equipment process systems and major pieces of equipment.

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