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What are industrial filters used for? 

Filtration is the separation of a fluid-solids solution involving the passing of a mixture through a porous barrier which retains most of the solid particulates contained in the mixture.

The various terms used in filtration processes include: media, or the filtration cloth or barrier to collect the solids; liquor, which refers to the solution containing the liquid and solids; filtrate, which is the clear, filtered liquid produced by filtering; cake, referring to the solids filtered out of the liquid; polishing, or the removal of the last bit of solids for a finished liquid product; washing, which is pumping water or a wash liquid over the cake; and pre-coat, which is coating the filter cloth with a material like diatomaceous earth to aid in the filtering.

The liquor is either pushed through the filter under pressure or pulled through the filter under vacuum. The types and configurations of filters vary widely; each has its own method of filtering, its own method of discharging the filtrate and discharging the cake. Depending on the product, sometimes the filtrate is the desired product, and other times the cake is the desired product.

Filters are measured by the square foot surface area available for filtering and the cubic foot cake capacity.